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All prices on the website are VAT exclusive. B2C customers can visit at to get VAT inclusive pricing.  

All prices on the website are VAT exclusive. B2C customers can visit at to get VAT inclusive pricing.  

Proaim Kite-22 Ultimate Package

(PROAIM 24.5ft Octagonal Telescopic Jib Arm Crane with Gravity Robust Tripod Stand, 3 Axis Dutch Roll Pan & Tilt Head &D-33 Camera Dolly)

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PROAIM proudly unveils its full Movie Production Jib Crane Package that Stabilizes your camera for smooth and consistent video shots throughout large swooping motions. Our Proaim Kite-22 ultimate package enables you to capture the most picturesque shots at astonishing angles and raise the production value of any programme. The camera crane includes aluminium rock-solid heavy duty tripod stand with spreader to strengthen camera boom stability. The Portable floor Dolly comes with 360 degree rotating wheels to add dynamic movement to your shots. High grade Dutch Roll pan tilt head features 360 degree panning, tilting and rolling movement.

Congratulations to Sébastien PINS (Wildlife Cinematographer)

We are extremely Happy and Proud to be a part of Mr. Sebastien's Journey of making this extremely successful Short Film featured across Various Film Festivals and Received an Award in the United Nations. Congratulations and All the Best for the Future !

This professional jib crane also comes with Proaim Lanc zoom controller that allows focus control and variable- zoom speed from slow to fast. The whole camera crane package comes in high impact protective packing for carrying, transporting and storing your valuable equipment. We offer the most comprehensive value added kit for turning your ordinary vista shots in to extra ordinary at a more than affordable price.

dslr jib arm

Weights are not included

proaim logo

Video is for demonstration only
Actual Product may vary due to Product Improvements


Unique Head Mounting (Revised on 20-May-2017)

Gets connected to most pan tilt in minutes, saving production time.

camera mounting crane

Camera Jib Arm

The Kite-22 telescopic camera jib arm sections are made from hi-grade Aluminum constructions that makes it enough sturdy and robust. Its sections collapse into each other for compact storage.
- Each jib arm sections are expandable from 4ft (one section) to 24.5ft (seven section) in 3ft increments.
- Each extendable section is 4ft long giving 1ft overlaps between sections.
- As each section is pulled from the previous section, you can store unused sections in the tail as ballast weight and lighten your counterweight demand.
- The Rear Control Centre has provisions for mounting the Joystick Control box, LCD Monitor & Zoom Controller.
- Jib crane sections collapse into each other for compact storage.

24.5ft Crane can also be used in the following lengths : 24.5ft, 22.3ft, 19ft, 15.10ft & 12.8ft

camera mounting crane

Camera Jib Comparison

Weight Lightweight Heavy Bulky
Finish Hard Black Powder Coated for Lifetime use Powder Coated
Shape Octagonal (Re-enforced engineering for Triple Strength) Rectangular
Telescopic Yes No (fits into very heavy 3' x 3' x 4.5')
Assembly Within 15 minutes Takes more than 30 minutes for setup
Material High Grade Aluminum Aluminum
Stand Heavy Duty Jib Stand Included Others recommend photography
Tripod Stand that is not
recommended for jib
Pan & Tilt Head 3-Axis Dutch roll movement High Precision Pan Tilt Head Included Not Included
Zoom Controller Proaim Zoom Controller Included Others charge $250 for this
Packing Lightweight High Impact Professional Hard case Packing Heavy Bulky packing made out of board and aluminum and
has equal weight as of the product

Heavy-Duty Support Stand

Proaim Gravity Robust Tripod Stand is an ideal solution for this Crane; it supports the crane very well. Made of rugged, heavy-duty aluminum, the 2-Sections Gravity Tripod Stand provides extraordinary stability to your heavy camera setups. The Stand features micro adjustment on legs, for easy balancing. The tripod fits perfectly when folded and supports steadily when in action.

jib lite

D-33 Camera Dolly

D-33 Pro Dolly is the most portable dolly in the market. It's a compact, lightweight and versatile pro dolly best suited for supporting all heavy duty stands.

- Adjustable tripod holding allows this dolly to match with many other tripods.
- Has smooth 360 degree rotating wheel bearings.
- Inbuilt wheel lock freezes the rubber wheels and stabilize the system.
- It folds to a compact size for easy transport.

camera jib design

camera jib design

Portable and smooth camera dolly

Proaim Spin-3 Axis Pan Tilt Head (PT-SPIN-3)

Controlled by a joystick remote, the pan, tilt & rolling movement of the head works on 12 volt power and easily accepts external 12VDC battery power through the included a 3 meter long 3pin XLR cable. This Spin 3-Axis Dutch Roll pan tilt head is a solid built- unit with precision and long life capability designed in. The frame is made of a durable high grade metal. In Pan Tilt mechanism, XLR cables are built in to the motor, gears on the head are solid quality and the head is sheathed in plastic to protect the finish.

jib crane for video camera

Enables panning and tilting the camera remotely

Joystick Control

- The Proaim™ Pan-Tilt Head comes with a remote Joystick control system, 10 mtr. Long Cable and AC Adapter.
- You may run the Joystick from a flat surface like table top or attach it to the boom arm of Jib.
- Variable speed is easily adjusted by "Speed" and "Dead Spot" potentiometers on the control unit.

camera jib pan tilt

An exquisite body with intuitive control

Superb Proportional Control

- Joystick has proportional linear movement i.e. farther you move the joystick, the faster the head moves.
- Joystick is touch sensitive

Small movement – less speed.
More movement – more speed.

Complimentary Lanc Zoom Controller

The Proaim Zoom Control for DV Cameras is a universal controller for LANC and Panasonic Mini DV or HDV cameras. It works only with most Sony & Canon cameras with a 2.5mm mini-jack LANC input and Panasonic models with a 2.5mm mini-jack Cam Remote input. A sensitive thumb switch allows for variable-zoom speed from slow to fast. The zoom lever allows you to zoom out to wide-angle or zoom in to telephoto. Lightweight and compact, this unit has an outlet cable and can be clamped on tripod pan handles, monopods, stabilizers, and other such devices.

video jib arm

Complimentary Tools and Tool Pouch/Wrap

This tool / accessory roll pouch provides Rapid Access to Various Tools such as Allen Keys or wrenches. This premium quality tool roll has 10 Various Pockets to neatly organize a variety of hand tools so you can work quickly and efficiently.

crane jib camera

Image Gallary

For Dslr Video Camera Camcorder

Allows filmmakers to play with new angles

The Supporting accessories are for demonstration purpose only.

Jib Arm Octagonal Tube Outer Diameter Inner Diameter
Ist Section(weight section) 164mm 156mm
2nd Section 154mm 146mm
3rd Section 144mm 136mm
4th Section 134mm 126mm
5th Section 124mm 116mm
6th Section 114mm 106mm
7th Section (Top Section) 104mm 96mm

Jib Arm Material High Grade Aluminum HE30
Jib Arm Shape Octagonal
Height from Ground 19ft(5.8 Meter)
Jib Arm Thickness 3mm
Jib Crane Length 24.5ft (7.5 Meter)
Jib each Arm length 4ft
Crane Pan Lock Yes
Crane Tilt Lock No
Finish Black Powder Coated
Coupling Jib Arm Sections A union coupling design of Jib Arm is done by washer and Steel bolt and shank with external clamps as well as Pin Lock for double locking System
Jib Arm Break downs to 7 Sections of 4ft each
Camera Platform Leveling By Control Cable
Stress cable High carbon steel with electro galvanized 4mm tested wire at 800kg
Multiple Alignment Multiple user friendly alignment of Stress Cable is provided For making Jib Stand straight without any curve
Carrying Case size 51 inches
Jib Crane Weight 30kg (66lbs)
Max Camera Package Load Capacity(including Pan Tilt Head) 20kg (45lbs)

Height of Jib Arm while Your Stand Adjusted at Maximum height of 4ft - 19ft high at 24.5ft length
- 16.6ft high at 22.3ft length
- 14.3ft high at 19ft length
- 12.2ft high at 15.10ft length
- 10ft high at 12.8ft length

Balancing Chart Self Balancing When 2.2lbs weight is on the Head Plate
Add Counter Weights in the rear section of Jib according to Camera and Pan Tilt Head weight as per this chart : 24.5ft jib arm balances at about 121.5lbs.
22.3ft arm balances at about 119lbs.
19ft arm balances at about 116lbs
15.10ft arm balances at about 114lbs.
12.8ft arm balances at about 112lbs.
24.5ft arm balances at around 133lbs.
22.3ft arm balances at around 128lbs.
19ft arm balances at around 122lbs.
15.10ft arm balances at around 117lbs.
12.8ft arm balances at around 115lbs.

Pan Tilt Head Material High Grade Aluminium
Maximum Camera Package Load Capacity 15kg/33lbs
Pan, tilt, roll movement 360 degrees
Speed Panning/Rotation
Minimum : 20 Sec, Maximum : 5 sec

Tilting Rotation
Minimum: 1 min 33 sec, Maximum : 8 sec

Minimum: 1 min 24 sec, Maximum : 8 sec
Motors Three high torque DC motors 12V that rotates (pans), tilts & roll the head 360 degrees
Gears 3- Silver Big Gears (Dia- 100mm)
2- Brass Small Gears (Dia- 14mm),
1- Brass Small Pan Gear (Dia-22mm)
Minimum height of head 23.5 inches
Maximum height of head 25 inches
AC Adapter input AC 100 - 240V ; output - DC 12V -2A
Cable Length 10 meter
Cable Connector 6-Pin XLR
Battery Cable 3 Meter long
Camera Plate Size 12x3 inches, camera mount slot – 8”
Weight of 3-Axis head 5.7kg
Weight of Joystick box 815grm
Box Dimensions 73 X 49 X 21 cm

Joystick Controller 3-Axis
Connectors 1x 4-Pin XLR male connectors
6 Pin XLR
Pan Direction Yes
Tilt Direction Yes

Proaim Gravity Robust Tripod Stand (TP-GVTY-ULT)
Weighing Capacity On Minimum Height 250kg, on maximum height 180kg
Material Used Solid aluminum
Hub Assembly Material High Grade Aluminum HE30
Hub Assembly Dimensions Inner Dia : 137mm Outer Dia : 150mm
Jib Stand Legs Micro Adjustment.
Stand Height when Collapsed 82cm
Stand Height when opened 120cm
Pipe dia 42mm
Folded Dimensions 94cm
Stand Weight 11.320 kg

Maximum Load capacity 800kg
Material Used MS powder coated
Bolts Steel bolts with washers
Wheels Diameter 148.7mm
Wheels Thickness 49.40mm
Wheel Material Polyurethane
Central Distance 72cm
Dimensions Folded (L x w x h) 84 x 28 x 22 cm Doorway Width - 144cm
Height From Ground 9 inch
Weight of Dolly 15.2kg
Dolly Type Three leg Floor dolly
Wheel Lock Yes

- Proaim Kite-22Long Telescopic Jib Arm Crane with Accessories
- Proaim Spin-3 (3-Axis) Motorized Dutch Roll Pan Tilt Head (PT-SPIN-3)
- Proaim D-33 Pro Dolly (D-33) (Revised on 04-07-2019)
- Proaim Gravity Robust Tripod Stand (TP-GVTY-ULT) (Revised on 14-08-2019)
- Proaim Lanc Zoom Controller (P-ZC-3DV)
- Customized Storage cases

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