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All prices on the website are VAT exclusive. B2C customers can visit at to get VAT inclusive pricing.  

Proaim Inertia 2.5ft Motion Video Slider

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Achieve the Perfect Slides with Precise Control over Movements!
Smooth Ramped Movements with Flywheel Counterweight system and Belt Drive.

Proaim launches the newest generation of Slider- Inertia 2.5ft Motion Slider, for adding smooth, linear camera motion to your video productions. This Carbon Fiber High Precision Camera Slider features a belt-drive system driven by an included flywheel and thus named Inertia. It is fully made using high-grade CNC aluminum, comes fully assembled & is both extremely sturdy and ultra-portable.

It is a manual slider and doesn’t need a motor, because of the belt-driven or inertia-driven mechanism. You can use it without belt and Flywheel just like any other slider. Made for both professionals and amateurs who love to shoot but want that added convenience and mobility, this is made just for you.

DSLR Video Camera Slider



The CNC Aluminum Slider Carriage features 3/8”-16 mounting screw for attaching quick release plates, fluid heads or cameras directly. It has a side mounted brake so you can lock your camera in place. Use the embedded bubble level to make sure your slider is completely balanced. There is a provision on the plate for securing your Allen key in place.
The motion slider features a high-grade 22mm carbon fiber rail system that is sturdy, yet lightweight. The dual rails with slider carriage work together to create a structurally tough frame that can hold up to 8kg / 17.63lb of weight.

Heavy Duty Camera Slider


It features 6 rollers that slide smoothly on sturdy carbon fiber rails. The increased surface area of rollers distributes weight evenly, and reduces noise greatly from the sliding motion. It utilizes high-quality stainless steel ball bearings; greatly improving quality of the system composition. You can tighten or loosen the center rollers with the knobs as per the desired shooting speed.

Video Camera Slider


The fully adjustable legs allow for easy leveling of the slider. For ground-level or tabletop use, you can even remove the legs and get the leveled shot. When shooting on uneven surfaces, adjust the height and angle on each leg individually for the smoothest shot possible. The round rubber pads on each leg help to stabilize your shots further.

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The robust tripod plate is equipped with numerous 1/4”-20, 3/8”-16 threads and 5/8” free hole; that allows you to mount the slider onto a tripod. Each end block of the slider also includes 5/8” free hole & 3/8"-16 thread; letting you mount it on C-stands or light stands for increased stability.

Video Camera Slider


The flywheel counterweight system gives you more consistent and smoother slides. It is not only a flywheel but also a whippet. The belt-drive system ensures optimal performance for fluid and quiet movement. It serves as an inertial dampener that helps your camera stop smoothly for usable tracking shots and push-ins from start to finish of each take.
Its weight assembly also features a quick-detach weight system allowing you to make any adjustments quickly. When using a heavier camera rig, simply buy an additional weight to increase the drag. The included handle lets you attach it onto the counterweight - this gives you a different way to operate the slider with a crank for full control over your camera movements.

Carbon Fiber Camera Slider


This resistance pulley coupled with high-precision high torque S3 belt, which allows the slider to move smoother and give shake-free footage, providing a more stable huge platform than the existing sliders available in the market.

Solid Base Camera Slider


DSLR Video Camera Slider

Best DSLR Video Camera Slider

The Supportive accessories are for demonstration purpose only


High-Grade Aluminum, CNC Construction & Carbon Fiber Rails

Belt Material

S3 Quality

Load Capacity

8kg / 17.63lb


2.5ft / 790mm

Travel Distance

2ft / 640mm

Camera Mount Type

3/8"-16 Screw

Tripod Mount Type

1/4"-20, 3/8"-16 Threads & 5/8" Free hole

Sliding Lock




Dia of Rails


Adjustable feet


- Inertia 2.5ft Motion Video Slider
- Bag Packing


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