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All prices on the website are VAT exclusive. B2C customers can visit at to get VAT inclusive pricing.  

All prices on the website are VAT exclusive. B2C customers can visit at to get VAT inclusive pricing.  

Proaim Gladiator Ergonomic Body Support Camera Rig

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Proaim Gladiator Ergonomic Body Support Camera Rig

Feel Like You're Barely Carrying Anything
Proaim Gladiator Rig
Takes Off All the Weight

The Most Comfortable Shooting Experience

The Proaim Gladiator Rig has been designed by keeping the health of the camera operator in mind.
1. It prevents spinal compression when you place the camera setup on the shoulder while allowing to comfortably operate shoulder-mounted configurations without affecting the camera's movement or balance.
2. 100% of the weight is transferred from your shoulders and back to your hips, bypassing your spine entirely. You can now have the freedom of an unrestricted handheld camera work without compromising your back health.

Best Camera Support

1. The Gladiator rig supports heavy-duty loads, such as a fully-accessorized ARRI, Red or Black Magic Cameras with the entire weight distributed to the hips.
2. A robust shoulder rest sits slightly elevated off your shoulder, and you can place your camera rig right on top of it. It is large and ensures that the camera won't slide off of it. It sits level, unrelated to your shoulder slope.
3. The tilt angle and lateral position of the shoulder rest are also adjustable after loosening four screws. The rig also has accessory loops for walkie-talkies and other on-set accessories.

Designed for All

The Gladiator rig is suitable for men and women operators alike. Most women prefer to adjust the midriff strap either above or below their chest line, and some prefer it to sit straight across. The midriff strap is there to stabilize the rig to your body and is not part of the weight transfer method. It adjusts for comfort.

Smoother Steadier Workflow!

Proaim Gladiator Rig is a great relief from your normal aches of handheld camera operating. It allows you to work in the way you are used to while preventing back pain, letting you hold the camera steady for longer duration without fatigue. It has a non-stick surface to ensure a smooth workflow.

Simple & Quick Setup

Proaim Gladiator’s sleek design is lightweight and doesn't extend out from your body. Run through doorways, sit down, stand up, crouch, spin around - it will support the weight without getting in your way. It quickly adjusts to fit different body types, as well as adjusts on the fly to keep you comfortable take-after-take. Once it fits your body, a small adjustment to the front strut gives you that extra inch of height you needed.

Under Sling Your Camera

The Gladiator rig also supports a camera in underslung mode while still transferring all the weight to your hips, totally bypassing your spine. To do this, attach any secure strap to an eyelet of the camera's top handle, wrap it around the gripping pad on top of the Gladiator Rig and find the balance point. The Gladiator rig will support the weight, and the midriff straps will keep everything in place.



  High Grade Aluminum

Material of Vest

  Foam-Padded, Sweat-free Breathable Fabric

Stabilizer Type

  Vest System



Product Weight (without packing)

  2.390kg / 5.269lb


  Proaim Gladiator Ergonomic Body Support Camera Rig



Heavy Duty

Gladiator rig will support the weight for you if you want to go handheld with that "way too-heavy" camera setup. It withstands set-life, job after job.


It keeps your body safe by transferring weight off the shoulder and thoracic/lumbar vertebrae to the hips, which can support much more without danger of injury.


Don't ignore your back's health. Take care of your body without affecting the quality of your work, and say goodbye to back pain and unnecessary health care costs.

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  • Do Gladiator Body Support Rig have a Regular and Tall option?

    Yes, the Proaim Gladiator Body Rig (P-GDTR-01) has a height adjustment feature for regular and tall-size users.

  • Are there different ones?

    We have only one universal version of Proaim Gladiator Body Rig (P-GDTR-01). It is suitable for men and women operators alike.