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All prices on the website are VAT exclusive. B2C customers can visit at to get VAT inclusive pricing.  

All prices on the website are VAT exclusive. B2C customers can visit at to get VAT inclusive pricing.  

Proaim 20’ Fraser Camera Jib Crane Package for Filmmakers & Production Units

Tripod Stand & Floor Dolly | Payload: 10Kg / 22lb

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Film Like a Pro: Where Creativity Meets Precision.

Every Filmmaker's Choice!

Integrated Production Set

Ignite Creativity with An All-In-One Film Production Set.

Rock-Solid Foundation

Superb Stability and Mobility with High-Standard Tripod Stand and Floor Dolly.

Unlock Extraordinary Angles

Smooth Panning and Tilting for Versatile Angles.

See how the 20’ Fraser Camera Jib Crane Works

Jib Specifications


  High-Grade CNC Aluminum


  10Kg / 22lb

Jib Length

  20’/ 6m

Jib Section

  7 Sections Of 2.7 Ft Each

Arm Range

  11.50 To 20' / 3.51 To 6.1 M

Tilt Lock


Pan Lock


Pan Range


Tripod Stand Specifications

Height Range

  32" To 58.5”


  330.69 Lb. / 150 Kg

In the Box

Proaim Fraser PF-3TR Camera Crane (PF-3TR)
Tripod of Fraser Jib (TP-FR)
Dolly of Fraser (DL-FR)
Storage Bag


A Complete Filmmaking Bundle

Introducing a comprehensive collection of a 20' Fraser Jib/Crane Arm, a Tripod Stand, and a Floor Dolly that captures dynamic sweeping pans and stunning camera rises, streamlining operations and saving you valuable time.


Undeniably Robust

Built with high-grade CNC aluminum, the robust design can withstand a payload of up to 10 kg / 22 lb.


A Reliable Jib Kit

Its heavy-duty Jib Arm empowers you to explore new angles while resting securely on the tripod stand with utmost strength and stability.


Excellent Wire System

For smooth and safe operations, it comes with suspension cables and safety wires to enhance vertical and horizontal stability even in challenging environments.


Versatile Camera Moves

It features a Central Fork that offers smooth pan-tilt movements with independent locking knobs while absorbing undesired vibration or movement.


Flexible Design

Its modular design breaks down into seven 2.7' sections, allowing assembly lengths ranging from 11.5' to 20', adapting precisely to your needs.


Stability Beyond Comparison

Get exceptional setup stability with the adaptable mid-level spreader and telescopic Tripod Stand.


Optimal Maneuverability

The functional Floor Dolly has attached castor wheels with brakes for seamless maneuverability on any terrain.


User Convenience

Featuring a Dual-Adjustment Bar that accommodates accessories like a monitor mount enhances user convenience by offering customization possibilities.


Perfecting the Balance

Its hi-tensile weight bars provide impeccable counterweights, delivering perfect balance for steady and effective shooting.


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  • Does the Proaim 6m/20ft Fraser Jib Crane support compatibility with gimbals?\"

    The Proaim 6m/20ft Fraser Jib Crane is specifically designed to be used with gimbals. To attach your gimbal, you will need to purchase the Proaim 3TR Mount separately.
    Here is the link for the same :-

  • I need a compatible Pan-tilt head that will work with PF-3TR-JTD

    The Proaim Jr. Pan Tilt Head PT-JR is compatible with PF-3TR-JTD with the help of Proaim 3TR Mount. Here are the links for your reference:

  • Can you tell me the wall thickness of the aluminum arm profile of this crane.

    The wall thickness of the aluminum arm profile of Proaim 20ft Fraser Crane is 3mm. Below is an image of the dimension for your reference:

  • Can I Attach Spin-3 (3-Axis) Motorized Pan Tilt Head with Fraser Traveller Camera Jib Crane ?

    Proaim Spin-3 (3-Axis) Motorized Pan Tilt Head (PT-SPIN-3) is not compatible with Fraser Traveller Camera Jib Crane (PF-3TR-JTD).

  • Hello, is screen includes in the crane packages ?

    The Proaim Camera Crane Packages does not include the monitors or screens.